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He was the first person i told about my husbands lack of discretion. Then as time is passed I felt this deep rooted need to be around him. He seems to know without me saying a word when I am down and need comforting. It amazes me that he just seems to turn my whole demeanor around like a flick of a switch.

He makes me feel amazing, and beautiful, and intellegent. Well, now I am having romantic feelings for him at least I think…not sure if maybe it is just a Florence Nightengale effect , problem being he has a girlfriend…. Even as i type those word, i breath i a breathless sigh of ecstasy just thinking about him. But everything in this post rings so true to heart. I want to tell him how i feel but have multiple reservations…as I am a Scorpio I fear being vulnerable and putting my heart out there for fear of rejection and Yes, Lord knows I have been hurt.

I totally agree with this post. Years gone by and for some reasons, our destiny keeps us linked even we are already in distance. After years, she will come again into my life and to the 2nd time around, I am taken by a capricorn woman that time. Everything is so magical that at last, it is our time. Time tested us on how strong our love is.

I am so into her and nothing has changed. I am glad that I found the one for me. After 11 years. We were friends when we were teenagers but lost touch after we started different high schools. As kids I felt a bond with him, I wanted to protect him since he was so shy and quiet but even then I knew he had a crush on me. Fast forward 20 years later and here we are, he found me and we started talking again. I dont know what it is about this guy that has me smiling as I type this. He is unlike any one I have ever dated.

The Gay Virgo: A man-goddess of course.

Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. So, you will want to carefully assess the choices before gifting any Virgo men or women. When it comes to romantic relationships, Taurus is the sensual type who knows exactly how to please his man. It has been said that Virgo's gift is making order out of chaos. Colors to catch the eye of a Libra male.

Lord knows there are times he tests my patience but the connection I feel with him is strong. He says the wrong things at the wrong time, is brutally honest and very critical and lets not forget the mood swings. He told me he has been hurt before so he is very careful with his heart and guarded with his emotions, I on the other hand feel ready to show him true love, if only he would let it be. Im crazy right? Why would I want to give my heart to a man like that? Someone who seems to be emotionally unavaible.

Well he has some amazing qualities that keep me interested, he is very intelligent, communicates well as long its not about his feelings, he is talented, funny, kind and generous. He brings me this calm when we are together that I dont find anywhere else. He can soothe my emotional storms when they do arise.

He has slipped up a few times and told me that he does care for me deeply and wants me in his life. He has even said he feels very lucky to have found me after so many years. I think he is falling for me in his quiet and reserved way. I can look into his eyes and feel his emotions when we touch, no words are needed. I just hope he has the courage to allow me to love him and help him forget all past heartache. Its a funny thing how life works, I can still see that quiet shy boy I knew when he smiles from time to time. Life is beautiful. I have just spent a very cathartic hour and a half reading all of these beautifully twisted up soul connected stories.

He is a Virgo male and I a Scorpio woman. Then I briefly dated his best friend an Areas during which time my Virgo and I became each others sounding boards. He had has a girlfriend also an areas, the pore man is surrounded but she is already married to a woman. Anywho we went through thick and thicker together in this time and in a night when I truly needed emotional support we ended up having sex. And I mean the type of sex that vibrates through your physical body and hits u right in ur soul spot. It has been 8 months since that night during which time we became unhealthy inseparable spending every single day together.

Well last week he finally told he that he had to be true to his Areas the married woman they had been on and off for 10 year now and he has to see it through to the bitter end. He begged me to remain friends but I feel that he cannot help heal my heart while being the cause of its torment. In the same token I have never allowed my self to love or depend on another human as much as I have found myself doing for this man.

I just feel very conflicted, lost, and just down right heart broken all very new feelings for me. But as a Scorpio I pride myself on being something of a Phoenix. Burn it all down so that my foundation can be built back up stronger than ever before. Sandy, sounds like you have an amazing condition with your Virgo man.

I totally get your statement about the cal. You get when you are with him and you are spot on about the whole push pull thing! I think that is part of the draw we have to the Virgo male being Scorpio women we seem to love the intrigue and the challenge. Ha, we are our own worst enemies. I wish you and your emotionally complicated Virgo man the best of luck.

Hang in there Scorpio Sister!!! My relationship was a total bust! I dated a September 17th Virgo and at first he seemed convincing but then he became rude! He had a tendency to get wishy-washy which is a total turn off for me. But as time went on, he just became more and more rigid. I have an open sexuality while he was very demanding.

Our relationship lasted for about 10 months total. He was just too stuck up for me. He was your typical Virgo man, well in this case, all the typical negative traits. I wanted something more easy going, while he was just exhausting. Virgo have a analysis always see her movements and eyes rolling scorpion jealousy impression.

Scorpion always attacks back fight campaign. Virgo well know scorpion attitude. Virgo ignore and pardon. Virgo analyse Scorpio his eyes rolling his way cold war and Talking behind backs, jealousy, his face impressions Care and sorrow oppressed, scorpion Love Money and and play others. Virgo is Cool mind and soft corner and ignore better know Scorpion. We have argued every single day since our first date.

But i blame him for nit picking everything and he blames me for not ever agreeing with or siding with him. We both give each other enough space apart. I guess I feel too insecure now bc before i was always so positive that I was the only girl very confident with trusting him to go do whatever he needed to. Now I just feel like he is going to cheat the moment he leaves.

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Idk what to do. Another one of our co-workers asked if his mom likes his girlfriend and he said yes. She said that this is a good thing and he made a face. Should I give up? Is it wrong of me to even like someone at work? I know some people feel that is the wrong place to look for love. You knew he had a girlfriend from the beggining.

Maybe next time when you both make eye contact in the hallway, you can wave at him. If he likes you, his next move will be telling. You sound exactly like me and scorpio guy. We met in middle school. I was the new girl and shy. He was one of the only people we came and sat next to me on the bus and instantly opened me up. Keep the eye contact, stay mysterious…let him approach you they like to hunt. Let me update everyone. I guess the connection was in my head. This reading was spot on with every single detail.

In fact, I think Scorpio and Virgo should be 1 in compatibility above any other signs. The level of heat that comes between me and my scorpio guy by just looking at each other, without even needing to say anything to one another is enigmatic. We almost never argue or fight about anything but rather the forces of other people trying to bring us down that cause complications.

We make each other better. I am a Scorpio and he was a Virgo. Everything you said is spot on. Our connection was so strong like we were one person. We did spend too much time together. He needed constant praise and reassurance. He cheated on me multiple times and left me when i was pregnant. The relationship was short but incredibly intense.

Your happiness and your child is what matters the most. Take care of yourself in this time of healing. I take it as it is. I have no obligation to wait on wishful thinking. Yes hard to let go; but let it be. I was involved with a Virgo man a while back. He was hard to read but told me a lot and the comfort level went deeper than is normal which alarmed me on some subconscious level.

I drove him away, he was crushed. I hurt him before he could hurt me. I feel now, I was wrong to do so. He only wanted to love me. No hidden agenda , but I had to go and sink that ship down to the bottom of the ocean. He loved me for me, all of me. Things got a little crazy between us before I ghosted him but I was the instigator every time and he only struck back out of being hurt.

I now see clearly how I caused everything to deteriorate between us. My virgo woman is hard to read at times but this site is reassuring. I am so attracted to her that it is scaring me and this post says it all. I think because we are both so cautious and closed off at first, this makes us both mysterious to one another.

She is also very sophisticated and keeps me grounded which I love. I am a Scorpio woman who was having a long distance relationship with a Virgo guy for 2 years. Another woman was talking to the Virgo guy for 8 months. She looked me up. Now the Virgo asks me why I should trust her, says we need to talk about this but yet he goes silent.

I honestly thought things were good but he cheated and lied to me and makes me out to be the bad person in this situation. This is why a Scorpio woman never trusts so easily. I recently just broken up with my virgo and he was more attached then I was but I miss him. Our love was like no other and I miss it will he ever come back or did my deep feelings and emotions scare him?

I feel obsessive and overprotective of my virgo partner that it is almost like co-dependent relationship. I just miss my virgo partner -all- the -time, his presence, his calmness. It could easily turn into an unhealthy relationship where we cannot function without each other.

The more I see him, the harder it is for me to go on long periods without him. He is just so gentle with me, in these tubulant times is when I need him the most. Only he can calm my intensed emotions. Virgo woman here. Dated a Scorpio male and although they can be intensely loyal, my ex Scorpio was not necessarily faithful. Scorpio and Virgo relationships are the most private and notorious pairings of all zodiacs. They are the pairing that everyone obsesses over, the pairing you never expected but somehow seems to work so well for them.

It is like they were meant to find each other and be together, but at the same time feel repulsed by one another. An interesting pairing that you often see in movies I must say. They make a beautiful, yet an exciting couple. They learn a lot from each other and really do evolve together. This is a couple that can conquer anything when they are together. She sent me a text to tell me how much she appreciated my blog.

Since she was a big name in that blog-world I was pretty flattered and we started to chat. We seemed to have a big connection and after two weeks we chatted every single day, in the morning, while being at work and most of the evenings discussing our days and more. We used to have funny, emotional, personal chats. I am still surprised I opened up so easily and so soon to her, she encouraged me to tell me what was going on but never in a pushy way: she was there for me when I was ready to talk. This friendship lasted for two years, with some ups and downs. Recently, after a huge fight, she told me she never want to communicate with me again.

I figured out she was lying to me about something significant. I think she has a point there so I took the blame and apologized for that. Nevertheless she admitted lying instead she was acting manipulative and also turning around the tables during that conversation. After telling me she never want to communicate she blocked me, only to unblock me a few weeks later.

As a true Virgo I am overthinking this friendship and still wondering why I failed. I have let her reassure our friendship more than a dozen times, every time she would tell me how she is enjoying our conversations and how she would be disappointed would we ever stop talking. Or reading this here is it because she started to have feelings for me? It would be devastating to know we wasted an opportunity.

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Besides that I started some new hobbies and am feeling better and better… but I still miss the amazing talks. It would be nice would she respond to that, but I know when a scorpio tells you she is gone… she is gone; so no high expectations on that from my side. Thank you scorpio girl for the great time, maybe fate will let us cross our paths again how I wish that will happen. So, if there is anyone here who can tell me I still can have hope for my scoprio returning: let me know :-!!! Thanks for your response. Of course not the answer I hoped for, nevertheless the answer i expected.

Recently she started reblogging my posts again, it feels like she is re-acknowledging my existence. What I still find weird is she behaving as a liar. All I read is a Scorpio hates being lied on, but in this case the Scorpio is the liar even after we promised each other we would always be honest even knowing the truth could hurt the other. I will never understand what made her do this. Anyway, still thinking about writing that letter but probably never post it just to give myself some closure.

I will never forget her and also remember the good and the bad. No one is better than him, no matter his flaws or anything.. He truly is Perfect.. I am a virgo women as well. I have known my Scorpion for almost five year. I have fallen in love with him. He did walk away from me but I still love him. I dont want him to ever be hurt. Like LeadingLadiee84 said no matter what he will always be perfect to me. He has his flaws and quirks but I love him mo matter what. It has hurt me like hell to see him in pain and when he walked away it hurt me.

But no matter what I will always love him. I hope he knows that. I have known only a few Virgoes but they were attached with me n emotionally they just connect.. I virgo 25 met a beautiful scorpio women 23 and we hit it off instantly and we believe we are already meant to be with one another after 2 months of talking. Everything was perfect but I unintentionally hurt her and now afraid to lose her.

She is aware of my situation in which I currently live with my ex but will be moving out the end of the month. She was still willing to continue talking giving the situation as we were so perfect for each other. I know she is keen on honesty and I wanted to be up front with her. Once I told her she was totally turned off and changed her thoughts of what she perceived me to be. I feel like a loyal and honest person but it seemed to backfire when I told her what I promised my ex.

She stated she still wants to communicate but drastically cut back on how we used to be talk all day everyday. I know what I have to do and that is to be honest with my ex that I am currently talking to someone. This is the right thing to do as well as prove to the scorpio that I am in it for the long run. Ill do anything to regain her trust and will continue to reach out to her. Again, she is really upset about the situation and thinks of me differently now, but I had good intentions. She is slightly confusing as one day she will initiate communication but then ignore me once I further the conversation. Do I have a chance? I know exactly how you feel.

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I love him so much but I realize that I cant make mistakes without him running off or digging into my stuff to see who Im talking to and if I am betraying him. I cant live like that. Its too much. When he makes mistakes I pull away but if he apologizes I forgive him. We make all sorts of excuses for Scorpios being so afraid to be vulnerable. We Virgos do understand cause we are the same. But what always makes me sad is when they jump to conclusions that what we are trying to do is bad instead of at least seeing why we are trying to do what we do or discuss it with you I see why you did what you did about your ex.

She has to see that you still love and respect your wife for the years you were happy. After all, why hurt her. I understand how she feels. I really regret the few mistakes I have made. But evidently right now he does. I have no control over him. No more than you have no control over her. Next time she texts you be brief. But try to move on. IF ts meant to be it will happen…. Scorpios are very guarded and deeply fearful of letting others in for fear of being hurt. I think you still have a chance. She probably is also being respectful of your ex.

We can also be extremely jealous. The fact that she is still communicating with you makes me think she is just keeping you interested or trying to see if you are still interested. She may be a little weary and mistrustung of you going foward…. We like full disclosure. Sorry to say that there is no chance in that is going to happen. Neither of them will ever come forward again.

Virgo is too rational to even rethink for another chance. Both are very independent signs and such a breakup would never end in reuniting ever again. They both know this. Sorry to put it so bluntly but the only chance any sort of reunion to ever happen is meeting by chance again -unexpectedly.

Other than that, the chances are very, very slim. Good luck. Scorpio guy betrayed me. Thought he was single until his gf PM me. I showed him and never saw him again. I just stumbled across this and I am glad I did. This is the way I feel for my Scorpio male friend.

We spend all kinds of time together We just enjoy each other so much. There were time I thought I saw something…. I try to stay cool but he knows how I feel. When I try to break and find someone and move on, we find our way back to each other. I do feel insecure that he will find someone else. His want in a relationship is the same yet different enough than me to make me a little wary. He needs to have freedom. Yet he has a hard time when I try to move on. It has been a great source of pain to me. I know when he does find someone, I will simply have to walk away and never see him again.

It will be way too painful.. She was a complete psycho I tell you. I have scorpio male friends and they are cool but the Scorpio females are legit psychos. The passionate nature of Scorpio with the overly emotional state of women is not a good combination.! To Scorpios : I am a Virgo deeply in love with my Scorpio ex partner. We have known each other for over 3 years and got very close and bonded in a very deep way. I get vindictive when I am hurt and he has his hurtful side to be fair , but I felt all along this was just a mere fling.

I risked a very heartfelt explanation of how my life has been affected by our break up and he suddenly apologized for bring hurtful. I hope I can trust him not to hurt me anymore, because it will destroy me and all I ever wanted was to love him. I am giving him my trust but the waiting is making me feel like I could climb the walls. Wish me a positive turn of events.

I met her at the beginning of my freshman year last school year.

At first she seemed pretty shy and quiet. I was sitting by her all of the time during the first month or two. I forgot what else I said too her that day. However the next day I came in humming or singing something and she kind of started grooving with me to it. So as time passed she started to get more and more comfortable. And, when I say comfortable I mean comfortable. I remember in class one day when I was talking too my friend who was sitting in behind me. He was taking about how me and her should be together and something like that. To which she heard and I kind of rejected and said no because I was already in a relationship since the year before.

Well fast forward a little later in the year I start sitting by her again. This time at the back of the classroom. We started talking about some more personal or really sexual things like how she masturbated, squirted, and etc. I mean we started to really click and have a connection to the point where everyone was saying that we should be together.

Well little did I k is my girlfriend was actually cheating on me with two other guys. So that kind of factors into the story a little bit. Well I went on to find out that she smoked weed pretty much daily and that weed was what I was smelling. So one day I came in class and sat down and we spoke like normal, but she all of a sudden raised her hand and asked to move her seat.

Well further towards the end of the school year she started talking to other guys, getting in relationships, and kind of being way more social than usual. It got to the point where one day I saw her talking to this guy somewhere in the back of the hallway. No one was around or looking to until me and someone else walked up.

She then started talking to him and kissing him like right there. As soon as I saw them it felt like somebody just took the soul of of my body and just laughed while they held it in front of me. I was extremely hurt and felt like I had been played as I was stupid or something. So later on the next day when we got to our last period which was English 1 the class we took together all year.

She said that one of my friends had told her that we I had said something about her. Then she said my neighbors name who went to the sane school and was one of my closest friends. To which I kind of felt dissapointed and betrayed. I told her what that I had been feeling her ever since the beginning of the year. I felt like the answer was genuine but as a. Soon I found out she was a Scorpio which led me to this website.

I found out that our imperfections are what makes click more. I see deeper than just what she does outside. In the last couple weeks of school I felt I was getting mixed signals.

Your Gay Virgo Horoscope For October

I ended up sitting in front of her and everyday she would always find some way to touch me. So, one day we were re-auditioning for the music programs we were in. I felt it was because she still felt some way and maybe still wanted to be with me. Well I tend to try and do things for her like by her food help out in whatever fundraising she was doing. I noticed that she was paying attention to it and earlier in the year kind of showed that she appreciated it.

So this time when we went to the little store outside the school and back I reminded her that I said that I would tell her the rest of what I was talking about to my friend on the way back to the school. I felt like I wasted that opportunity I had and as a Virgo always is very down on myself. As scorpios usually do she has a very high sex drive and on her Facebook profile always has something about how she likes guys to lick and please her. On the last day of school when we were at this rock climbing place which is like the school hang out. Me her and my friends were kind of talking.

One of my female friends said that I would be really good husband to somebody one day. Even though I was raised in a Christian household and church household. Me and my family are more spiritual than anything. The way we see it mostly everyone believes in the same thing they just worship differently.

Not even my closet friends know me really. When she said that it really frustrates me because no one even knows me like they think they do. I suprise myself sometimes with what I do. Everyday I wake up I think about her and how I want express my feelings. But how can I do that when I feel she barely even believes anything I tell her. I need some help understanding this. I am a Virgo female, through and through. I recently met a Scorpio male with whom I developed an instant connection.

We agreed to keep things platonic, but the attraction was too strong. No matter how we communicate, it is always deep. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. Show more notes. Aries: if two guys were on the moon Taurus: cursed images Gemini: the entire bee movie script Cancer: the navy seal copypasta Leo: OwO whats this? Pisces: making fun of anti-sjws. Little Green Troll. Because of this, Virgo men often become quite cynical about love relationships, assuming all women are only attracted to him for what they can get out of the relationship.

If they can find that rare someone who is equally giving, and Virgo can resist his attraction to "soiled doves" or selfish bitches before he gets too burned out on the whole idea of romance, he can make a loving husband or significant other. As problematical as their relationships with women can be, Virgo men are often great fathers, sensitive to their children's needs, nurturing and conscientious. Virgo natural tendency to "mother" is a wonderful asset here, if allowed to flourish. Often, Virgo males fare much better in their male relationships or friendships, often finding his "soulmate" in a lifelong male buddy or even a gay relationship, because yes, Virgo is statistically one of the "gayer" signs of the zodiac.

It's fairly common for a Virgo man to be at least a little "bicurious" if not outright experimental with his sexuality at some point or another, even if he's basically "straight". Virgo can be a rather vice ridden sign, they tend to have addictive personalities and will often have a lifelong struggle with smoking, drugs booze, or even an eating disorder.

They tend to worry about their health as a consequence, experimenting with odd diets or becoming gym rats or running addicts. Positive self image and self acceptance aren't easy for this very self conscious and introspective sign, he might be hard on others, critical and even cruelly sarcastic at times, but he's always hardest on himself. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook Twitter Google. From: miwahni am UTC Link. That's uncanny! The walk, the dress, the ass - pure Starsky.

Not to mention the long slender runner's legs, and beautifully-formed hands. Reply Thread. From: ginalin am UTC Link. I know, it really amazed me the first time I read through this book. In most of the important ways, it fit everyone I knew of in each sign. My brother is a Virgo and all those things fit him to a T too, interestingly enough. He's a gym rat deluxe, something I'm always teasing him about. I had to laugh when the book described the typical Arian physicality and walk myself, it's pure Starsky or PMG if you will. There's more, but it'd take me several pages to reproduce all of it here.

As it is, I used a bit of paraphrasing and condensing. It's a HUGE book! Reply Parent Thread. Thanks so much for posting; I've really enjoyed reading this. I'm sitting here grinning, as a matter of fact. And I looked the book up on Amazon because it sounds interesting, and the cover made me gape. Red, with a white stripe. From: ginalin am UTC Coincidence? I know isn't that freaky? The cover I mean, and that one of the authors is named "Starsky"? It made me wonder if she's a fan of "Starsky and Hutch" or it's just one of those weird coincidences in life.

It also is a great resource on how astrology, culture, psychology,philosophy, religion, mythology, and sexuality merge at various points. There's some more stuff in there on sexual turn ons and kinks gay or straight , but it might cause a list meltdown. LOL I'm wondering if I should post it. I think we can handle it, don't you?

If you do not post if after that teaser there shall be Dire Consequences. Besides, I feel in need of a meltdown at the moment : The book sounds really cool, so I'm going to see if they have it at the bookstore here. Meanwhile, though POST! From: maquisleader pm UTC Link. This is the one I was after! The bit about the cocky strut is what I remembered off the top of my head.

And this fits both of them so well, too! Thanks for reposting it! From: ginalin pm UTC Link. I don't think I've ever seen an Aries man without the cocky or the strut. William Shatner as Captain Kirk doing the macho cha-cha through the galaxy.