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Aries October 12222 Horoscope

Was everything you wanted it to be? If you're a Cancer, chances are it was a tougher year than normal. But the good news is that the next 12 months should be much more to your liking.

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Your Cancer horoscope is calling for a pretty momentous year to come. Cierzo says there are some big transitions on the horizon. Astrostyle explained that it's a good time to try out new exercises so why not sign up for a spin class, or splurge on a personal trainer? It could do wonders for your well-being, especially since Indastro noted that as a Cancer, you're naturally prone to getting stressed out.

You seem to handle everything very well with your determination and hard work. Thereafter till tomorrow: Today brings cheer in your life. For businessmen and people employed in jobs or services, things move ahead smoothly. Important deals would be finalized and profits are also foreseen. It is a favorable time to go for social outings with your partner.

Leo 12222 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Sun eclipses the sunny relationships.

Fun-filled and joyful times are ahead! Career : There will be an increase in your workload due to rise in your goodwill. This will prove to be an action-oriented period for you. You might undertake journeys in connection with your business, which will be very rewarding and fruitful. Be alert and preserve your standing in the family , do not let others over-ride your decisions. The end of the year promises some good tidings in the home sector for Sages. The planetary transits for the year indicates joyful journeys and in the latter half of the year, work related journeys bringing in gains for Sagittarius natives.

This year there are lot of indications of journeys and those in job are likely to get transferred or relocated which would be quite beneficial though.

Break Up or Make up?

Sagittarius natives would find the going easy as the year starts. You would be successful in any task you undertake. There would be no hindrances and delays of sorts and you would feel quite happy as the days go by.

Leo 12222 Health Predictions: Effects of Saturn on your health

Read about detailed Leo Monthly Horoscope for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. Leo Horoscope prediction based your moon sign. Leo Horoscope and Astrology forecast covers about your Leo Career, Love, Finance, and.

A good time to focus on the ways and means to come up. February loads you with much energy that you would be able to start new ventures or projects.

Cancer 12222 Horoscope

Many of your ambitions in life materialize this month. Happy events at home also keep you busy on your knees. A time when family and friends need your whole-hearted attention. This March starts on a high-note, however the tempo vanishes as Mercury retrograde sets in. Your progress would be stalled in the professional side. Some of your near ones might need your care and protection. Abandon things or relationships not worth pursuing. April brings about a need for some attention and love in the life of Sagittarius folks this year.

You would be more passionate and sensual too. Take time to enjoy love in life and get stress out of your anvil. Do not look at the nitty-gritty affairs, but look at the bigger perspective of your future.

Leo Horoscope for Finance and Wealth in 12222

The energy levels of Sagittarius guys would be much high this month. This would help most of you to bounce back after some temporary setbacks. This is a time for planning and executing things that you had in mind of late.

Major changes are forecast around the end of May. Commitment would be the drive for success during this June for Sage folks.

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Get things done by roping in the help or support of your peers. This would be a very passionate period for you, but maintain your composure. July calls on you to go deeper into the inner depths of yourself.

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A good time for spiritual introspection too. You might be serious and at the same time quite enthusiastic this period. Deal relationships and work issues with an iron-fist for now. Old unfinished tasks would now see the light for Sagittarius people. With some tweaks and fixes things would work in favor of you. August also presents immense opportunities for you to excel in the career field.

You ought to work hard and split your weights around a bit and keep going. Sagittarius folks would see their social circle swell this month. New meetings and acquaintances are probable, some potential partners also likely to come into your fold. Focus your thought towards a better perspective for now.

Leo 12222 Love and Relationship Horoscope

Work on the positives this month. This is a period when Sagittarius natives get more dynamic, thus brining about a sense of stability and security around. Your thoughts would yield fruit these days. Though things around seem not feasible, after some delays they would end in your favor. Sagittarius people would have their hands full during this November.