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His work also inspired Mr. Coppolino to shift from shoe-leather reporting to covering the planets in his online magazine Planet Waves and later at The Daily News. Coppolino said. For 23 years, Mr. The first major story he covered using astrology was the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton in the s.

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More recently, he has used astrology to help him interpret news of three hurricanes , Harvey Weinstein , North Korea , the mass shooting in Las Vegas and the terrorist attack in Lower Manhattan. Coppolino wrote in Planet Waves.

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Reading Ancient Secrets: Forecast for Keep track. You may also gain excess weight. This weeks data is available for free after registration. Good astrologers give good advice, but that does not validate astrology.

And when looking at the time and place of Mr. The world is devastating. People are exhausted. And a purpose of the horoscope at that point becomes a spiritual touchstone.

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She described horoscope columns as a way to promote astrology. Good-bye, Carlos Celdran. Miss Earth beauties support marine conservation efforts in Cavite. How you can help give children their smiles back. Romania gives green light for Holocaust museum.

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Post-scandal Academy to award two Nobel Literature Prizes. Five things to know about the Nobel prizes. Experience an authentic Oktoberfest celebration at Aquaria Water Park. More than just the races: What to expect in the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix How Habi makes a difference in the lives of Filipino weavers. Kim Kardashian christens her children in Armenia US reality television star Kim Kardashian baptised her children on Monday during a visit to her ancestral homeland Armenia.

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Kardashian wore a tight-fitting…. Textiles get their moment in the art world spotlight.

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Despite controversy, Kate Middleton to shine even brighter. But this will be short-lived, as the entry of Jupiter into her lunar star on June 29, , will bring with it a brand-new cycle heralding celebrations, birth and other successful activities. This will be a time when we will see her shine.


Trying days ahead for Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has run into a bothersome spot. Careful, careful, Angelica Panganiban. Although a new cycle of dating is under way for Angelica, she should proceed with caution.

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Under the current Saturn cycle, she will find her romantic expectations dashed. She must also take care of her health, as overwork may cause her to deplete her reserves of strength and this will weaken her immune system. These things will come to pass during late and Prince Harry—enjoying the last gasp of his youth. Prince Harry is again hogging the headlines with his raunchy behavior in Las Vegas.