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Quick-witted and clever Gemini is ruled by Mercury. In Roman mythology, it is considered the messenger of the gods.

It rules over self-expression, communication, connection, and the intellect. Sensitive Cancer is ruled by the moon. In astrology, the moon rules over emotions, irrational responses, your mood, and the way you process feelings. In Roman mythology, the moon is the female counterpart to the sun. Bold and confident Leo is ruled by the sun.

In Roman mythology, the sun is the god Sol. It rules over your overall character, your will to live, your identity, and your ego. In astrology, Mercury also rules over left-brained and logical Virgo. It rules over analysis, rationality, technology, communication, and connection. Venus also rules over Libra. In astrology, Venus rules over aesthetics, harmony, grace, charisma, style, and wealth. Mysterious and magnetic Scorpio is ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars. Pluto is the god of the underworld in Roman mythology, while Mars is the god of war.

While Pluto rules over secrets, the subconscious, transformation, death, and rebirth, Mars rules over aggression, vitality, desire, and carnal instincts. Philosophical and variety-loving Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.

Saturn in Virgo

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Virgo Nature. Virgo Nature Your sign of Virgo is symbolised by the Virgin, which depicts purity. You can be prudish but are not invariably so. You have a very h5 sense of good and bad, which makes you highly discriminating. You have an uncanny ability to sense the ulterior motives of people. This makes you very circumspect in your dealings with others.

Virgo: About This Zodiac Sign

Though you are rather passive, when the situation demands it, you can be very agile. You are a cleanliness freak, which may seem irrational to others. Although you are intelligent, you can frequently feel confused about your daily chores.

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You may not exactly be an extrovert, but you are good at making new contacts. Your keen sense of responsibility can often lead to heavy stress. You can be emotional, too, but you rarely make your emotions public, preferring to keep them to yourselves, which, at times, can add to the stress. You tend to be over-critical most of the time, which can rub your near and dear ones the wrong way. You are sticklers for tidiness, and everything around you will be in a neat and clean condition. In order to sail smoothly on the personal front, it is important that you sort out issues as soon as they arise.

Here, Personal Ask 3 Questions report may be very helpful to you. This report will be prepared basis your birth details and hence completely personalised or else you can avail our kundli free , to know more about your zodiac sign. Virgo Key Planet — Mercury: Virgo is associated with the planet Mercury which symbolises not only your thoughts but also the way in which you express them. It is also the planet which is in charge of all language. It moves around the Sun faster than any other planet.

Mercury is also about your intellectual discrimination, which helps you sift the good from the bad. This key planet of Virgo is about judgement regarding every bit of information that enters your mind.

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Virgo Sixth House — Work: The Sixth House is related to your performance and efficiency in the tasks related to work and not necessarily career. It influences your duties and responsibilities regarding your personal life apart from the job which earns you your bread and butter. This sector is also where you look to seek knowledge about health and healing. It is not only about work routine but also about the daily habits of hygiene — the neatness and cleanliness that you give so much importance to. Astro Profile - Free Uncover the real you, and see for yourself the cosmic map that Almighty has constructed for you.

The Astrodienst charts show another division of the houses. This division places the houses in groups that are on the angles, the angular ang ; houses that follow immediately behind each angular house, the succedent suc houses, and the third in line, the cadent cad houses. There are four each, angular, succedent, and cadent houses. Older books taught that planets in the angular houses were somewhat stronger and planets in the cadent houses were weaker in influence.

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The ruling planet for Virgo is Mercury - mind and intellect. Find you personal Zodiac Sign Nature by Lord. Nature from; you can also find the Virgo ruling planet, or else you can avail our kundli free, to know more about your zodiac sign.

Now little attention is paid to this idea. Here are listed the twelve houses of the astrology chart with the rulerships, and a brief summary of the area of life depicted there:. The beginning of each of the houses is called the cusp. Each house has what is called a natural sign and natural ruling planets. This is the sign and planet which are associated with that house in the natural chart beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Here are listed the twelve houses of the astrology chart with the rulerships, and a brief summary of the area of life depicted there: House. Natural sign.

Virgo: Ruling Planet

You can charm anyone with your childlike charisma and you're loyal to the ones you trust. The planet encourages Geminis to do the same, hence their verbose nature. They are great listeners and they make it a habit to observe and learn all of your ins and outs. During Pisces season, we may all feel a bit more spiritual. How this Eclipse Will Affect…. The site is run by astrologer Annie Heese. Your sign of Virgo is symbolised by the Virgin, which depicts purity.

Planet Ruler. House Affairs. The Ascendant. Your projected behavior, temperament, health, how you react to those around you, and your appearance. Your material side. Your mental aptitudes, early childhood, everyday communication, your siblings, and early education. Domestic affairs and conditions, the nurturing parent, the home, and the family life. The end of life. Love affairs, procreation, your children, creative expression, luck and speculation.

Virgo Zodiac Sign